Sunday, June 12, 2011

My 3rd blogspot.

Thank you to Pearl for convincing me to make a new one. I don't really know what to put in this, so I'll just type out the things I love(fashion, food, life) & the stuff I hate, or I mean, dislike.

To start it off though, just to let everyone know, if they haven't found out already... Mavs won b/tches! Yee. That's how we do it though. They stay winnin that championships. Mmmm, by the way. I have to say, Tyson Chandler is such a handsome guy. I think he deserves to be on that cutie list along with Chad Michael Murray, Channing Tatum, Adam Levine, Drake, Trey Songz, Taylor Lautner, and all those other korean guys I love.

LOL @ the asian guy in the back with that proud look on his face like that's his son.

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